Perfectly Imperfect Family Portraits


Well, it’s been a whole year since we have taken family photos. The kids are growing up so fast, life is constantly changing and we are loving every minute of it. Well, almost. every minute… sometimes the up all night with crying baby sucks, or the occasional diaper blowout,  but I wouldn’t change our life for anything in this world. Life is such a roller coaster but motherhood is mostly like a roller coaster in the dark while balancing on one foot. Sometimes you have no idea whats gunna hit cha. There’s ups and downs, back-sets and catalysts, there’s so many giggles and so many tears. {mostly happy ones} So every year I vow to take family pictures, even when they in their teens and its not longer ‘cool’ to be seen on mom’s blog. My heart is so full and Aga captures where we are in our life so beautifully. I mean that sincerely. You can tell in the pictures. Poor Ellie was so over it by the end but Aga went at her pace and we got some really awesome candid shots. We also had to bribe the kids to stand still toward the end. You can see them staring at each other smirking cuz mom and dad let them have candy while we took pictures. We finished the day off with some Mexican food, good conversation & a trip to the toy store. Hope you enjoy our family portraits {and VLOG}. Continue reading Perfectly Imperfect Family Portraits