Whimsical Birthday Party

Ellie turned 1 this month. Honestly, this little one never stops amazing me. She says so many little words now, not only walks but pretty much runs after her big bro, she is always giggling, man… I love her so much. Any who…enough bragging. Her 1st birthday was a smashing success. I loved putting together this ultra girly whimsical party. I chose a black, white, gold & pink theme. Obviously I turned to Pinterest for some inspiration. I found a TON. If time {& money} would have allowed I would have had an even bigger more spectacular party. BUT, here’s the turn out. If you want a funky/whimsical girly shindig, here’s some inspo for ya. Every party needs, balloons, party favors & a delicious cake.

Every party NEEDS these awesome gold lettered balloons. {I found mine on amazon} I ordered a “O” “N” “E” “1” to spell out ONE, obviously, and use the number for her cake smashing.

I hope you guys find some inspo from my sweet baby girls birthday party. Link your party ideas below so I can check them out.


im one edit.jpg

choc-cake-edit img_9722

img_9720sign pic edit.jpg


ash sign

How I Store My Beauty Products


I came across this company called MakeSpace. They are  an on demand self storage service. You know what that means? No annoying trips to the storage unit and more time for the stuff that really matters. They pick up, store and bring back your stuff! Through the use of their app, you can tell them to bring you whatever you need out of storage! I was inspired to clean out my makeup storage and thought I would share my storage tips, as this has been a highly requested post. Well here it is folks… Continue reading How I Store My Beauty Products


Screen Shot 2016-07-23 at 9.15.10 AM

My life is crazy, between changing diapers, singing ABCs, keeping hands to themselves, loads of laundry & running a business… I am finding time for myself again & finding time for things I love to do. I know when I was little it wasn’t easy to whip out that giant video camera and record my every move BUT now-a-days, it is. I want to hold on to these memories for as long as possible. So we VLOG. We vlog for family that cant be here in SD with us, we VLOG for fun, we VLOG ‘cuz I want my kids to see their friend’s birthdays, their 1sts, and their life growing up. I hope you enjoy these short little vlogs. If you follow me, consider yourself a friend. Get to know us! XOXO Continue reading VLOG HAPPY

Mango Coconut Rice

mango rice

Thai food has been one of my favorites for a long time. Everyone knows I love Thai Tea, BUT gurrrrrl…..  Mango Coconut Rice is my FAVORITE. I could eat heaps & heaps of this. Carbs? What are carbs? We made this the other night at it tasted (almost) exactly like my favorite Thai place. Try is out and let me know how much you loved it. Continue reading Mango Coconut Rice

Woodland Family Portraits

Aga Jones does it again… her photography skills not only prove to be way above par, but her easy going attitude is what I vibe with most. We had our family portraits done on Valentines Day. What better way to express your love for your family than to take beautiful pictures? We aren’t the mushiest of couples, but this sweet little shoot is pretty darling.


We let Levi run around the botanical gardens to run off some energy before he had to stand still and smile. Well, trying to make a 2.5 year old stand still is hard enough, BUT trying to make him smile on cue seemed impossible. But we still had fun with it. When he was running off that toddler energy, that I am so envious of, he made an epic memory. His first real “boo-boo”, blood and all. This was was a real ‘gusha’ as Tony called it. {Remember he has that awesome Kiwi accent} He fell in the gravel, so needless to say, he was a little shaken by the blood & bits of rock sticking out of his knee. But he barely cried. My little champ. Luckily Nana came to the rescue with her handy first aid kit. He loved getting the little “sticker” on his ouchie. In 5 minutes the entire memory of his banged up knee was forgotten. Somehow, he managed to keep his white shirt clean AND keep his bow tie on. For me, that’s a WIN! For our shoot he was sporting a pretty cool flesh colored band-aid. Which is a cool memory to have. Valentine’s Day 2016 was Levi’s 1st real ‘gusha’ & our 1st real family portrait. {ps: you should grab a snack, this is a long one…} Continue reading Woodland Family Portraits

What’s your Bra Personality?


Ahhh, can you smell it? I can… the smell of fresh roses and petite yummy chocolates in heart shaped boxes. That’s right, Valentines day is right around the corner. What does that mean for you? Probably a night of romance with bae {uhhh, did I just say that?}. Or if you’re single, maybe you have a night out with the girls planned. Whatever your V-day plans are… the one thing you need is A GOOD BRA! ThirdLove is a very nontraditional company, and I say that as a good thing. Their philosophy: “We believe fit should come first”, which is a rarity in today’s sell sell sell mentality.

Continue reading What’s your Bra Personality?

2015 Favorites


2015 was a year of pretty {little} things. My love for makeup, skin care & fashion was, somewhat, put on hold this year because of the exhausting job of incubating my sweet baby girl. BUT I did manage to find a few holy grail items this year. My incessant need for coffee and tea leads me to my number one favorite… Continue reading 2015 Favorites