Perfectly Imperfect Family Portraits


Well, it’s been a whole year since we have taken family photos. The kids are growing up so fast, life is constantly changing and we are loving every minute of it. Well, almost. every minute… sometimes the up all night with crying baby sucks, or the occasional diaper blowout,  but I wouldn’t change our life for anything in this world. Life is such a roller coaster but motherhood is mostly like a roller coaster in the dark while balancing on one foot. Sometimes you have no idea whats gunna hit cha. There’s ups and downs, back-sets and catalysts, there’s so many giggles and so many tears. {mostly happy ones} So every year I vow to take family pictures, even when they in their teens and its not longer ‘cool’ to be seen on mom’s blog. My heart is so full and Aga captures where we are in our life so beautifully. I mean that sincerely. You can tell in the pictures. Poor Ellie was so over it by the end but Aga went at her pace and we got some really awesome candid shots. We also had to bribe the kids to stand still toward the end. You can see them staring at each other smirking cuz mom and dad let them have candy while we took pictures. We finished the day off with some Mexican food, good conversation & a trip to the toy store. Hope you enjoy our family portraits {and VLOG}. Continue reading Perfectly Imperfect Family Portraits

Woodland Family Portraits

Aga Jones does it again… her photography skills not only prove to be way above par, but her easy going attitude is what I vibe with most. We had our family portraits done on Valentines Day. What better way to express your love for your family than to take beautiful pictures? We aren’t the mushiest of couples, but this sweet little shoot is pretty darling.


We let Levi run around the botanical gardens to run off some energy before he had to stand still and smile. Well, trying to make a 2.5 year old stand still is hard enough, BUT trying to make him smile on cue seemed impossible. But we still had fun with it. When he was running off that toddler energy, that I am so envious of, he made an epic memory. His first real “boo-boo”, blood and all. This was was a real ‘gusha’ as Tony called it. {Remember he has that awesome Kiwi accent} He fell in the gravel, so needless to say, he was a little shaken by the blood & bits of rock sticking out of his knee. But he barely cried. My little champ. Luckily Nana came to the rescue with her handy first aid kit. He loved getting the little “sticker” on his ouchie. In 5 minutes the entire memory of his banged up knee was forgotten. Somehow, he managed to keep his white shirt clean AND keep his bow tie on. For me, that’s a WIN! For our shoot he was sporting a pretty cool flesh colored band-aid. Which is a cool memory to have. Valentine’s Day 2016 was Levi’s 1st real ‘gusha’ & our 1st real family portrait. {ps: you should grab a snack, this is a long one…} Continue reading Woodland Family Portraits

Autumn Family Picnic

12152015(20)Trying to surprise your husband and daddy-o with family photos 7 weeks after birth and a week before Christmas proved to be quite the task. We headed out to Los Penasquitos Canyon Preserve to meet the amazingly talented Aga Jones. Aga photographed my best friends engagement, wedding & family photos. After obsessing over kristen’s plethora of fine art pictures, I knew I NEEDED to do a session with Aga. Mom and I had planned to arrive early so I could feed Ellie and let Levi run off some energy before trying to make both babies sit still. Well, per the usual… best laid plans were not going well. We hit a ton of traffic on the way. I should have known, we live in San Diego and it’s Christmas time. Everyone and their mother and brother and sister and uncle and uncles wife were on the road. It took us forever to arrive, but the kids enjoyed the ride. We quickly changed them into their cute little outfits and try to tame Levi’s fluffy mop. His hair is more rock star than cute and cuddly. Any sign of wind and that hair stands straight on its end. But oh well… that’s our life and that’s where he is at  now. We can look back at the pics and laugh.

We head into the brush and Aga shows us to the spot where we will be shooting. This beautiful clearing with the sun behind us. It felt like we were shooting  a romantic movie, except for the  fact that Tony 12152015(25)(1)wasn’t there and we had 50 emotions of Levi. Running, laughing, screaming, playing and hiding from the camera were the games that we had to play. But Aga rolled with the punches, as a two and half year old boy will not sit still. That skill hasn’t yet made his resume. But he LOVED Aga.While she shot pics of mom and I, he made quiet little circles around her legs while clutching his horse who he calls, “Horshey”. But when it was his turn, he wanted nothing of the thing. Even though Levi didn’t exactly want to sit still, smile or pose for the camera… the pics turned out great! She suggested we rolled at his pace, and she was right. We let him lead, and we followed. After finding our flow, Ellie… the easiest baby in the world had given up. I think it was a mixture between the cold and the lack of booby milk. We had almost finished the shoot AND whaaaaaaaaa, she let it go! Oh man, we were laughing and shooting through the tears. Smile! Through the ciaos came some amazing pics. There were moments she caught on camera that I didn’t expect. Levi and I took a walk while she shot mom and Ellie… But we ended up being the shot. Little boys are better off in action i guess. We ended up with these beautiful images… some of which are actual FILM! Yes, film is not dead. A true art form, hopefully coming back in style. Because I am in love. So in love with these two beautiful babies and my life AND these pictures. They capture where we are at as a family. Between the madness of having two small children there is so much beauty. Enjoy.

ashley nicole signitureThank you Aga for making such beautiful memories… Check out Aga Jones Website Here