Whimsical Birthday Party

Ellie turned 1 this month. Honestly, this little one never stops amazing me. She says so many little words now, not only walks but pretty much runs after her big bro, she is always giggling, man… I love her so much. Any who…enough bragging. Her 1st birthday was a smashing success. I loved putting together this ultra girly whimsical party. I chose a black, white, gold & pink theme. Obviously I turned to Pinterest for some inspiration. I found a TON. If time {& money} would have allowed I would have had an even bigger more spectacular party. BUT, here’s the turn out. If you want a funky/whimsical girly shindig, here’s some inspo for ya. Every party needs, balloons, party favors & a delicious cake.

Every party NEEDS these awesome gold lettered balloons. {I found mine on amazon} I ordered a “O” “N” “E” “1” to spell out ONE, obviously, and use the number for her cake smashing.

I hope you guys find some inspo from my sweet baby girls birthday party. Link your party ideas below so I can check them out.


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Whimsical Party Favors


Ok, it’s time to get pinterst-y ladies! (& gents) My baby girl’s 1st birthday party was this past weekend! Can you believe it?! This year has flown by. So per the usual, I am on pinterest in the middle of the night, I got inspired by a few whimsical party ideas I saw. Here is how to make your own fun party favors. If you try this out make sure to tag me in any posts! I would love to see! (Instagram @stoov)


  • little mason jars
  • gorilla glue
  • a damp towel or a little bowl of water
  • tiny toys/animals
  • spray paint
  • variation: try with toy soldiers, trains, legos, play rings, etc…


  1. Unscrew the tops of the mason jars and set the lids on a covered surface, I like to do this outside on an old piece of wood.
  2. Take your tiny toy or animal figure and damp the bottom surface (the part that you will glue)
  3. Apply the gorilla glue to the damp surface. (You can use any type of glue, but if you use gorilla glue you will have to make sure the surface is damp in order to activate the glue, per the instructions)
  4. Place the figure on the center of the lid. Let rest for 2-3 hours while glue dries.
  5. Once the glue is dry, place all the lids in a line and spray paint. (tip: You will get the best result if you use short sweeping motions as your spray paint)
  6. Let dry for a few hours. When they are dry…
  7. Fill the mason jars with fun cereal/candy/toys, etc… screw on lid and PARTY!

This was the easiest little project which is great if you are new to the whole DIY world. Stay tuned for more party DIY’S & pictures of Ellie’s 1st Birthday Bash.




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