Makeup Brush Bath Time

brushes thumnailThere are literally hundreds of ways to clean your brushes. Most of course, involve water and some sort of foaming action. BUT are we really cleaning them with just soap and water?! NO. If you use liquid foundations, creams, eyeliners, gels, or ANY waterproof makeup, chances are you are NOT getting your brushes 100% clean. This is my weekly brush bath. I do fully sanitize and deep clean my brushes about every other month. But we will save that post for a later date. It is so so important to keep your brushes clean for many reasons. If you neglect bath time for these little guys it can lead to breakouts, skin irritation, cross contamination & in natural hair brushes, it can cause split ends and dryness. Who knew?

Watch the link below, or follow these simple steps:

  1. You will need two mason jars for this. (Mason jars are only for hipster effect, any glassware will do) Fill the bottom of the mason jar with olive oil or warm coconut oil then add 4 pumps of antibacterial soap.
  2. Fill that mason jar with warm water. It will create a frothy, sudsy bath.
  3. Dip brushes into their bath and “bounce” the brushes up and down, while gently tapping the brush at the bottom of the jar. You will see makeup dissolving and the color of the water should instantly change.
  4. Fill another mason jar with clean warm water about 1/3 of the way to the top. **tip: be careful not to get the ferrule soaked, overtime this can disintegrate the glue that holds the hairs in place.**  Swirl the cleaned brush in the warm water to rinse.
  5. Repeat steps 1-4 if needed.
  6. Run cold tap water over the hairs of the freshly rinsed brushes until the water runs clean.
  7. Lay flat to dry. **tip: for dense brushes, I gently squeeze excess water out.**

Then you are DONE! Those wrinkly fingertips and slightly dry hands can easily be soothed by some DIY Coconut hand oil. (Post coming soon)

To Cuff or Not to Cuff

Booties are the hipster girls best friend. BUT, booties are often a gateway shoe into many fashion crimes. The number one offense associated with booties; CUFFing. May not sound that bad, but have you ever seen a woman walking around with saggy ankles and adorable booties? Not a good combo. To pull off a bootie, you must pair the shoe with an appropriate bottom. (ie: not bootleg pants & no saggy ankles, and definitely no 3/4 length pants) You must cuff cuff cuff. You can change up the cuff depending on the style of your jeans. In this case I am wearing high waisted skinny jeans. Since I have ankles the size of a 5 year old, I MUST cuff. I can’t even wear those adorable tapered jeans that are already cropped for your convenience. (Insert pouty face) Moving on… I suggest you put on your shoes before you cuff your jeans. This will give you a good visual when you are measuring how high your cuff will go. Just experiment with different lengths. I typically won’t fold over my jeans more than twice, does that make sense? If you fold them up more than 3 times your ankle starts to look like you are “just big boned”, or like you quickly preparing for a flash flood.

I digress. Anywho,  it’s not that hard. Just make sure your cuff is wrinkle free and your seams are straight. THAT’S IT! Viola! You are done! You are free to go out and look fab.

Naturally White Teeth

So many people ask me how I keep my smile so white. Years ago I used the crest white strips but my teeth became oober sensitive. When living in LA, my best friend who is also a dental assistant shared with me that hydrogen peroxide is one of the main ingredients in teeth whiteners. She said if I rinsed with it, I should get some pretty stellar results without the sensitivity. So I tried….. and IT WORKED!


Years later that is what I am STILL doing. Every night before bed I…

1) Floss

2) Brush my teeth with “Tom’s of Maine toothpaste” with my electrical toothbrush

3) Rinse my mouth for about 30sec-1min (depending on how much it foams up) with “Tom’s of Maine mouthwash” AND hydrogen Peroxide! I mix the mouthwash and the hydrogen peroxide, about 1/2 and 1/2. Hydrogen peroxide taste pretty foul on its own that’s why I mix it.

THAT’S IT!  I do this every night before bed, and the health of my teeth and gums have never been better AND my teeth have never been this white for this long with any teeth whitening kit.