Cedar & Sage Trading Co.

cedar and sage tc cactus logo1In case you haven’t already heard, my best friend & {long lost} twin, Kristen and I have started our own company. Cedar & Sage Trading Co, a beautiful and eclectic online women’s boutique. Our vision; contemporary meets bohemian. We want to encourage and inspire women everywhere to go on adventures, wander, travel, experience life and everything it has to offer. God gave us one life, and it’s up to us to make it the BEST we can. And for us that means, dressing well, eating healthy, traveling often, thanking God for all we have, and giving back to those less fortunate. After many years of joking and dreaming, we officially took the plunge. As we dove head 1st, we fell in love with our dreams all over again. But this time we aren’t dreaming. It has become our reality. She spends her days at her corporate job and getting her MBA, while I stay home and raise my two babies. We couldn’t be more different in our educational background and career choices. I come from esthetics, beauty, sales and retail management. She comes from graphic design and business. What we both lack, we make up for it in each others experiences. Like we always joke… much like coffee & cream or donuts & frosting, we are just better together. After some careful thought we landed on “Cedar & Sage”. Cedar being steady and firmly planted, Sage is healing and cleansing. Continue reading Cedar & Sage Trading Co.

Woodland Family Portraits

Aga Jones does it again… her photography skills not only prove to be way above par, but her easy going attitude is what I vibe with most. We had our family portraits done on Valentines Day. What better way to express your love for your family than to take beautiful pictures? We aren’t the mushiest of couples, but this sweet little shoot is pretty darling.


We let Levi run around the botanical gardens to run off some energy before he had to stand still and smile. Well, trying to make a 2.5 year old stand still is hard enough, BUT trying to make him smile on cue seemed impossible. But we still had fun with it. When he was running off that toddler energy, that I am so envious of, he made an epic memory. His first real “boo-boo”, blood and all. This was was a real ‘gusha’ as Tony called it. {Remember he has that awesome Kiwi accent} He fell in the gravel, so needless to say, he was a little shaken by the blood & bits of rock sticking out of his knee. But he barely cried. My little champ. Luckily Nana came to the rescue with her handy first aid kit. He loved getting the little “sticker” on his ouchie. In 5 minutes the entire memory of his banged up knee was forgotten. Somehow, he managed to keep his white shirt clean AND keep his bow tie on. For me, that’s a WIN! For our shoot he was sporting a pretty cool flesh colored band-aid. Which is a cool memory to have. Valentine’s Day 2016 was Levi’s 1st real ‘gusha’ & our 1st real family portrait. {ps: you should grab a snack, this is a long one…} Continue reading Woodland Family Portraits

Pro Kit {Part 1} Essentials

As a professional makeup artist I have a large kit. That doesn’t mean I take EVERYTHING I own on every appointment. I keep my makeup in IKEA storage & pull product before every event. BUT there are a few little things I keep in my kit no matter where I go and who I see. If you are, or know, a professional makeup artist… you know that we don’t always do the same type of makeup. I do weddings, fashion shoots, Halloween makeup and special effects. Which leads you to believe that I wont be bringing a bald cap to a wedding. Right? But there are staples in EVERY makeup artists kit. Part 1 of my “pro kit” series will cover what I take to every makeup appointment. Continue reading Pro Kit {Part 1} Essentials

What’s your Bra Personality?


Ahhh, can you smell it? I can… the smell of fresh roses and petite yummy chocolates in heart shaped boxes. That’s right, Valentines day is right around the corner. What does that mean for you? Probably a night of romance with bae {uhhh, did I just say that?}. Or if you’re single, maybe you have a night out with the girls planned. Whatever your V-day plans are… the one thing you need is A GOOD BRA! ThirdLove is a very nontraditional company, and I say that as a good thing. Their philosophy: “We believe fit should come first”, which is a rarity in today’s sell sell sell mentality.

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How to Bake Your Face


When you think your makeup game is strong, you mastered the art of contour & highlight, you just starting to get to swing of strobing, AND then the makeup Gods speak. BAM a new technique is born and you’re in the dark again. Damn. The new internet makeup craze is called “Baking” but fear not my friends, this is NOT new. It is a much loved technique used by professional makeup artists and LOVED by drag queens. It has been taught for many years in makeup schools all around the world. This is one of the many techniques I learned in school. Baking is the same as “cooking” or setting {with powder} on steroids. Things to consider before you wake & bake. Continue reading How to Bake Your Face

Beauty 101: Brush Care

beauty 101 brush care

I have touched on this topic before BUT I have heard from clients and friends that they have never cleaned their makeup brushes! Gasssssp! Gross. Think of your makeup brushes like your bed sheets, pillow case, carpet, and dishes… we use these things over & over so we wash them. Could you imagine the amount of bacteria and build up on our dishes if we didn’t clean them? Or how nasty your carpet would get if you didn’t vacuum? Nasty thought huh? Well makeup brushes can hide crazy amounts of bacteria. If you keep breaking out but don’t know why… give your brushes a deep clean. This could be the hidden culprit. I suggest deep cleaning your brushes once a month AND spot cleaning/sanitizing them after every three days. {If you wear makeup daily} Your tools soak up product, oils from your face, dust and bacteria. Making sure your brushes are clean is essential to keeping your skin clear and making sure your makeup is preforming like it is supposed to. Using a dirty foundation brush can lead to not only acne, but streaky or patchy application. Frustrating? Ya, I think so. Follow my two ways to spiff up those tools and who knows… maybe it will inspire some early Spring cleaning?!   Continue reading Beauty 101: Brush Care

The Liebster Award {Facts about Me}


Liebster Award

First of all… THANK YOU Shelly Ray for the nomination. Check out Shelly Ray’s Blog, her blog is a fun read! I hadn’t heard of the Liebster Award before BUT it is such a cool idea. For those of us who love blogging and love discovering new reads! After some researching the Liebster award has been around for some time now and it is an award given by bloggers to other bloggers. It is generally given to bloggers with a smaller following. I see it as good networking and a great way to meet other bloggers. Weather you accept the award or not… I think it’s a cool award.  The idea is simple… and I am happy to report that I have found some awesome bloggers from being nominated! Here is how to participate: Continue reading The Liebster Award {Facts about Me}