How I Store My Beauty Products


I came across this company called MakeSpace. They are  an on demand self storage service. You know what that means? No annoying trips to the storage unit and more time for the stuff that really matters. They pick up, store and bring back your stuff! Through the use of their app, you can tell them to bring you whatever you need out of storage! I was inspired to clean out my makeup storage and thought I would share my storage tips, as this has been a highly requested post. Well here it is folks… Continue reading How I Store My Beauty Products

Milk n’ Honey Face Mask

If your skin is dull because of the harsh winter wind and cold, you may need to give your face some extra TLC. This yummy DIY Milk N’ Honey facial mask & scrub will make your skin glow and make your tummy growl.

milk n honey mask1

D I D   Y O U   K N O W ?

As babies our cell turn over rate is every 14 days? It slows to every 21-28 days as a teenager, then every 28-42 days from your adult years then dramatically slows when you hit 50. After the age of 50 it can be as slow as every 50-84 days!  Now, if you have no idea what I’m talking about, here’s the deets… Your cell turn over rate is normally an average of how old you are and how well you take care of your skin. Your body creates new skin cells every couple of weeks {depending on your age} it is important to get rid of the dead skin that lays on the outside. This is why we need to EXFOLIATE. Can you imagine the build up of dead skin if we didn’t get rid of it?   Continue reading Milk n’ Honey Face Mask

Natural Makeup

Ever feel like putting on a full face of makeup is a chore? You would rather gamble with the fact that you may or may not see someone from high school. Just praying that no one notices you when you look like you stumbled into Target because of some sleepwalking episode. I’m guilty. Actually I did it today. For those days that you don’t wake up in that sleepy perfection where your hair falls just right and you have no purple bags under your eyes… I got chu’ covered girl.

natural makeup1

There’s something to be said about “no makeup makeup” or “natural makeup”. I get the most compliments when I look my most natural. When people think you aren’t wearing much, if any, they see the ‘enhanced’ you. So let those compliments roll in like thunder, cuz you fooled them while looking perfectly real. I have a few products and techniques that leave me feeling fresh, light and confident. Which is what we all want to feel right? Here are the steps I take when achieving this natural face… Continue reading Natural Makeup

Pro Kit {Part 1} Essentials

As a professional makeup artist I have a large kit. That doesn’t mean I take EVERYTHING I own on every appointment. I keep my makeup in IKEA storage & pull product before every event. BUT there are a few little things I keep in my kit no matter where I go and who I see. If you are, or know, a professional makeup artist… you know that we don’t always do the same type of makeup. I do weddings, fashion shoots, Halloween makeup and special effects. Which leads you to believe that I wont be bringing a bald cap to a wedding. Right? But there are staples in EVERY makeup artists kit. Part 1 of my “pro kit” series will cover what I take to every makeup appointment. Continue reading Pro Kit {Part 1} Essentials

How to Bake Your Face


When you think your makeup game is strong, you mastered the art of contour & highlight, you just starting to get to swing of strobing, AND then the makeup Gods speak. BAM a new technique is born and you’re in the dark again. Damn. The new internet makeup craze is called “Baking” but fear not my friends, this is NOT new. It is a much loved technique used by professional makeup artists and LOVED by drag queens. It has been taught for many years in makeup schools all around the world. This is one of the many techniques I learned in school. Baking is the same as “cooking” or setting {with powder} on steroids. Things to consider before you wake & bake. Continue reading How to Bake Your Face

Beauty 101: Brush Care

beauty 101 brush care

I have touched on this topic before BUT I have heard from clients and friends that they have never cleaned their makeup brushes! Gasssssp! Gross. Think of your makeup brushes like your bed sheets, pillow case, carpet, and dishes… we use these things over & over so we wash them. Could you imagine the amount of bacteria and build up on our dishes if we didn’t clean them? Or how nasty your carpet would get if you didn’t vacuum? Nasty thought huh? Well makeup brushes can hide crazy amounts of bacteria. If you keep breaking out but don’t know why… give your brushes a deep clean. This could be the hidden culprit. I suggest deep cleaning your brushes once a month AND spot cleaning/sanitizing them after every three days. {If you wear makeup daily} Your tools soak up product, oils from your face, dust and bacteria. Making sure your brushes are clean is essential to keeping your skin clear and making sure your makeup is preforming like it is supposed to. Using a dirty foundation brush can lead to not only acne, but streaky or patchy application. Frustrating? Ya, I think so. Follow my two ways to spiff up those tools and who knows… maybe it will inspire some early Spring cleaning?!   Continue reading Beauty 101: Brush Care

2015 Favorites


2015 was a year of pretty {little} things. My love for makeup, skin care & fashion was, somewhat, put on hold this year because of the exhausting job of incubating my sweet baby girl. BUT I did manage to find a few holy grail items this year. My incessant need for coffee and tea leads me to my number one favorite… Continue reading 2015 Favorites