How I Store My Beauty Products


I came across this company called MakeSpace. They are  an on demand self storage service. You know what that means? No annoying trips to the storage unit and more time for the stuff that really matters. They pick up, store and bring back your stuff! Through the use of their app, you can tell them to bring you whatever you need out of storage! I was inspired to clean out my makeup storage and thought I would share my storage tips, as this has been a highly requested post. Well here it is folks… I have so much makeup, I could probably go years without having to buy new products. But what fun is that? Naaaa… keep it coming.  What happens when your 90’s caboodle is overflowing with highlighters & Kylie cosmetics? Time for a storage overhaul. Do you need some storage advice? I got chu’. Here’s how I keep my beauty situation in check.

  • Makeup brushes that you use daily can be displayed in cute mugs, empty glass candles, or a cute vase. Get creative. Since these items are cute to display pick something you love to see.
  • Get yourself a storage unit that is sleek and fits the decor of your home. Those cheap plastic drawers from Target only last so long. I use the, ever SO popular, ALEX IKEA unit. I have the 9 drawer unit. But if you don’t need that much space, they have some great smaller options.
  • Sort it out. Sort your makeup by type. I use the following categories for my drawers. Foundations/powders, blush/highlighters, eyes, palettes, eye lashes/tools, lips, hair extensions and hair products, misc tools/brushes and brush belts.
  • I display my perfume on a vintage inspired tray. Not only is this function, but its adorable. Perfume is expensive and the bottles can be like little pieces of art, like my favorite little scent that I picked up while in Italy.
  • I also like to display my jewelry. You can get (or DIY) jewelry holders. I found mine at Michaels.

How do you display your beauty items? Let me know in the comment section below! AND girl… if you don’t use it, lose it. Take the MakeSpace quiz at the end to find out if you should keep, store or donate your items. If it’s something you love but can’t find room for, store it! MakeSpace is currently in Los Angeles, Washington D.C, New York, Chicago. Check ’em out!





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